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National Institute of Medical Herbalists

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  • Herbal medicine offers a safe, gentle and effective approach to health care and serves to promote health as a positive state. It is suitable for all from the very young to the very old.

    Oxford Herbal Medicine

    Lettitia Derrington BSc (Herb.Med) MNIMH

    Lettitia is a fully accredited member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

    She has been a licensed practitioner of herbal medicine for over six years since graduating from the University of Middlesex in 1998 with a degree in Herbal Medicine.

    This included more than 500 hours of clinical training at the prestigious Archway Clinic of Herbal Medicine. She managed the Neal's Yard Franchise in Camden before setting up her own popular practice in Oxford.

    Since graduating she has undergone postgraduate training in the following specialist topics:

    • Herbal treatment of depression,

    • Treating rheumatism,

    • fibromyalgia and arthritis,

    • Women's health and herbs,

    • Introduction to Ayurveda,

    • Herbal Paediatrics
    • Anti-inflammatory herbs

    • Herbal Gynaecology and Obstetrics.

    Lettitia has also specialised in:

    • health maintenance,

    • headaches,

    • immunity,

    • chronic illness,

    • menstrual problems and hormonal disorders.

    Lettitia treats children as well as adults.

    Lettitia runs introductory courses in Herbal Medicine through Oxfordshire County Council Community Education and is frequently invited to give talks.

    Call Lettitia for a prompt, friendly & professional service!

    Phone:  01865 768156 / 07932 686037
    E-Mail:  [email protected]
    Online:  Enquiry Form

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