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Medical Herbs

National Institute of Medical Herbalists

  • Herbal Tinctures
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  • Organic Dried Herbs
  • Herbal medicine offers a safe, gentle and effective approach to health care and serves to promote health as a positive state. It is suitable for all from the very young to the very old.

    Oxford Herbal Medicine


    A range of different consultation appointments are available:

    FREE! - Online Consultation - UK Residents

    Please click here for online / e-mail herbal consultations.

    We regret due to popular demand, this service is only available to UK residents

    FREE! - 10 minute 'taster'

    Free appointment to meet and discuss how herbs could help you.

    � - 20 minute consultation

    Shorter consultation for people who are not on any other medication and would like an individually prescribed herbal medicine to treat their cough, cold, cystitis or other condition you might get an over the counter product to treat.

    � - Full 1 hour consultation

    During this consultation I will take a full case history. At the end of the session I try and form a picture of what things may have predisposed you to your condition/symptoms, what may have triggered it off and what keeps it going. I am looking for as many clues as I can to try and establish why you get these symptoms, what systems are affected. Do they seem 'out of balance', over stimulated/under stimulated and so on. At the end of the consultation I may ask to examine you to get a fuller picture. I will then discuss my treatment plan with you. This may include some dietary and lifestyle advice as well as an individually prescribed medicine which aims to deal with the 'underlying issue' of your condition/symptoms. The ultimate aim is to redress any imbalance (s) and learn as much about you and your triggers so that you will only need minimal intervention. Many patients overcome their problem entirely and many become very aware of how their body reacts and can manage their symptoms without any herbs, but keep a bottle of 'emergency medicine' just in case.

    � - Half hour follow up appointments

    It is important that I regularly review the progress you are making, and to assess if the herbal prescription needs changing. Usually this is every 4-6 weeks. These follow up appointments can be made by telephone and the medicines sent to you. It is possible to arrange repeat prescriptions in some cases.

    Call Lettitia for a prompt, friendly & professional service!

    Phone:  01865 768156 / 07932 686037
    E-Mail:  [email protected]
    Online:  Enquiry Form

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